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  Kris Beyer    
Kris Beyer, founder of P.E., graduated in 2004 from California University of Pennsylvania with an MS in Exercise Science and in 1986 from Syracuse University with a BS in Electrical Engineering. A former champion body builder, Kris is further certified through the Apex Fitness Group as a Fitness Professional, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and through ACE as a Personal Trainer.
      Andy Fish     
Andy Fish is the first personal trainer to join P.E. and is certified by Apex, ACE and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The son of a veterinarian, Andy has been around medicine his entire life. His passion for training and fitness, coupled with his upbringing, often make him our impromptu go-to "Doc." But it depends on where you are if you know Andy Fish as a P.E. trainer, the owner of Victory Lane Oil Change in Brooklyn or vicious professional wrestler "Flying" Andy Chene.
    Kurt Beyer       
Kurt Beyer, P.E. manager, graduated in 1985 from the University of San Francisco and spent the next 15 years living and working as a marketing/PR specialist in Tokyo, Japan, where he grew up. Before receiving his full certification as an Apex Personal Trainer, however, he spent a few years fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler, reaching the ring after going through both The Destroyer Pro-Wrestling Academy and the All Japan Professional Wrestling dojo. But these days, he's best known simply as "Kris' brother."

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