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Services, Prices & Packages


P.E. is unique with respect to services and packages offered. No other personalized fitness and wellness provider can compare to our all-inclusive menu of services.

** And remember: Your first consultation is ALWAYS FREE! **

Weight Management & Nutrition Coaching:


* Fat Loss - Concentration on losing only the weight you don't like: fat, the jiggly stuff! Increase your energy and feel full while eating less. Menus are all based on your own taste and schedule. Let us teach you and give you the tools for long-term success.

* Lean Body Mass Gain - Aimed at increasing muscle mass without fat gain. Menus designed to maximize food intake for expenditure, while helping you to unlock the key to your personal success.

* Pregnancy Maintenance & Recovery - With consult from your mid-wife or physician, we help you manage your weight gain over your term to ensure proper fetal growth without unwanted excess fat gain. Fat gain is inevitable and necessary, but it need not be uncontrollable. Let us help! Upon delivery, we can reorganize your diet as you try to return to your ideal weight, whether you are nursing or not.

* Post Trauma Nutrition Coaching - Recovery from surgery or injury is difficult enough, but did you know that nutrition can play an active role in expediting your recovery? Menus designed around your eating preferences maximize nutritional and dietary needs to enhance a speedy recovery.


Complete Nutrition Coaching: $395.00 - 10-week program (11 sessions), full 30-page program and analysis report, Nutrition Journal, all menus and changes. Weekly, 20-minute sessions.

Crash Nutrition: $275.00 - 2 sessions. Initial session (approx. 90 minutes), full program printout, Nutrition Journal, 2 menus. Follow-up session: Q&A, program adjustments as necessary.

Personal Training:


* P.E. uses the principles of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the OPT method of training. The OPT is a well-planned, science-based training model. It is the only performance, reconditioning and fitness training model that incorporates the most current research and practical applications. We look at the human body in terms of its structural integrity and biomechanical purpose. The body should be trained in multi-planar and multi-sensory environments to receive optimal results.

* All Training and Sports Specific Training & Conditioning packages start with a thorough static, dynamic and kinetic chain assessment, as well as a fitness, lifestyle and supplementation interview and screening. In addition, confidential pictures from three views of your physique will be added to your file.

* Training is offered either at our state-of-the-art studio located near Brooklyn, Michigan, or in the comfort of your own home (home equipment is NOT necessary).

* Couples & Group Training rates are available for both studio and in-home/office training.

* Travel-related surcharges apply for in-home/office appointments.


Single Session: $45-$65

Bulk Package (Buy 10 Get 1 Free): $450-$650

Sports Specific Training & Sports Fitness Conditioning: rates vary.

  The SST and SFC concentrate on the 5 components of athleticism: Speed, Agility, Power, Stability & Balance. After determining the demands of your sport, we tailor a program that will significantly boost your performance.  

The "TX": $695

  The "TX" is out most popular and best-valued package for the individual serious about results. It includes the everything in the Complete Nutrition Coaching Package AND the Bulk Training Package, which combine to include 10 training and nutrition sessions, the full 30-page program and analysis printout, Nutrition Journal and all menus and changes. The "TX" is truly the most comprehensive personal fitness package available.  



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